Elven Hunter Blade - 75cm


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Elven Hunter Blade - 75cm

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The likelihood of a scout getting lost was slim, but bound to happen eventually--you just never expected that such a thing might happen to you. You swear youve been by this same tree three or four times. Yes, youre sure of it. You left notches in one of its limbs using your Scout Sword.

Suddenly you grow quiet, clutching tightly around the leather of your swords handle as you hear nearby voices. Just around the next tree you spot two of the enemys scouts...and they look just as lost as you do. Perhaps there is more going on here than you first realized.


Strongholds Scout Sword is a medium sword inspired by nordic weaponry. The sword is 75 cm long and has a 58 cm double-edged blade with a central ridge. The handle has a lot of detail, including a curved crossguard and cocked-hat pommel--both similar to those seen on uncovered Viking swords. The crossguard and pommel are handpainted to looks like faded iron and bronze. The 10 cm grip is cast and painted to look like woven leather, ergonomically shaped to fit the hand comfortably.

Stronghold weapons are foam weapons designed for tough combat at LARPs. They require no maintenance, unlike latex weapons, and feature detailed polyurethane handles.

This Stronghold blade is crafted using a unique Epic Foam that weighs the same as latex without requiring the constant upkeep. Additionally, the blade tip is stab-proof thanks to our new innovative construction. Lightweight and shaped with a realistic and cushioned edge, this weapon is designed to be safe--leaving your friends unbruised and unbroken!

Cocked hat pommels were popular with Viking-styled weapons, developing into single piece versions over the years
Blades with a strong central ridge were better for thrusting, due to its rigidity

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