Flaskeholder, 600ml - Inkl. flaske - Nøytral

Varenr: 2028
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Flaskeholder, 600ml - Inkl. flaske - Nøytral

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Its been a long and tiring day in the brutal heat. Youve suffered through a mighty battle, and saw several of your comrades fall on a bloody field. As you finally return to your camp, sweat pouring down your forehead, you reach for your Bottle Bag and pull back the cap to drink deeply.

Your Bottle Bag has kept your drink cool and refreshing, and you are glad for the reprieve. With gratitude you sit beneath the shade of your tent, slowly regaining your strength and vigor.

Epic Armourys Bottle Bag is a leather-clad bottle designed for carrying refreshments without breaking character. The full-grain leather is dyed and cut to give it a neutral appearance while also being extremely durable, making this a perfect addition to any multitude of characters. With the correct leather care, you can expect it to withstand the abuse of heavy use. Easily attach and detach this bottle to your belt with its V-shaped hanger anchored with a brass knob on the back.

Store 600 ml (or approximately 20 US fluid ounces) of liquid inside the included aluminium bottle with a dual-function lid hidden beneath the leather flip lid, perfect for a drink or soup. When you need to clean the bottle between uses, simply detach the bottom cap and remove the bottle from the leather.

Bottles have been developed over a millennia, with early examples from Ancient Rome and China
The word bottle comes from the Old French boteille, which is a word derived from the Latin word for “cask”
Ancient bottles were often carried on a rope sling with a special knot

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