Pirate Shirt - Svart

Varenr: 2017
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Pirate Shirt - Svart

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Youre the first to spot the sails oa ship on the horizon, and so the chase begins. You and your crewmates have a reputation as the most formidable pirates on the sea, and its time to defend your title.

You board the merchants ship with your cutlass at the ready, your Pirate Shirt billowing in the seas vibrant breeze. They have heard o your flag before, and so they be surrendering smartly. Good. This be easy loot! You and your crew pack what plunder you can find before a Royal Navy ship can come along.

Epic Armourys Pirate Shirt is a loose fitting garment tailored for women, designed for both comfort and style. Reaching from the shoulders down to the upper thighs, this medium cotton shirt is inspired by late renaissance and early baroque design. Its raglan neckline can be worn tightly around the neck or open to expose the shoulders, simply by adjusting its cotton drawstring. The sleeves are full length and designed to give a full, loose look often associated with swashbucklers, pirates and musketeers. Tie the sleeves at the wrists using their own drawstrings to keep them out of the way.

The Pirate Shirt is compatible with other Epic Armoury clothes, and can be combined with inner or outer garments for your specific look or style.

Shirts began as a form of undergarments for men in the 7th-10th centuries
Considered more of a Renaissance-era fashion for men with its billowy sleeves
Traditionally worn as an underlayer beneath a doublet or vest

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