Rogue Sverdholder - Svart

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Rogue Sverdholder - Svart

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The street is a hard place to conduct business, but its a way of life youve become very good at keeping. Unfortunately, a poor ol  sap hasnt paid his dues. Youre an understanding sort, but you cant risk looking soft. Not on the street.

So, you decide to give the ol sap a visit. Removing your weapon from your Rogue Swordholder, you prepare your most intimidating look. You dont expect this meeting to last very long. Youll get your money today or the chap will be missing a few pints of blood. Youll let him decide.

Epic Armourys Rogue Swordholder is a long leather frog designed to keep your weapon conveniently close. This frog is 15 cm long, open at both ends, and will accommodate a weapon up to 5 cm in diameter thanks to the adjustable brass buckle straps.

Match this Rogue Swordholder with any character you wish to equip--especially a well equipped rogue!--by securing the holder to your belt through the 6 cm belt loops. Made from vegetable-tanned full-grain leather and stitched with durable thread around the edges, this weapon holder is built to keep its shape and withstand the abuse of a LARP with regular leather care.

The Double Hanger can be worn left- or right-handed.

Also referred to as a frog
Historically used to hold the scabbard of an edged weapon vertically from the belt

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