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Sverdholder - Heldekkende - Svart

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You are not a particularly cruel person, but you are also not the type of person who accepts defeat easily. You are willing to train harder and longer than your fellow soldiers, and you do not accept anything less than perfection from yourself.

Your armour and weapons are no exception. The Full Scabbard at your waist keeps your sword sharp and conveniently at your side, ready to once again prove your skills in battle.

Epic Armourys Large Full Scabbard is a long leather scabbard designed to protect your weapon from the elements, while keeping it conveniently close. This 87 cm scabbard will accommodate a weapon up to 9 cm wide. Soft polyester-wool padding has been added to the inside of the hoop to protect your weapon, while also making it easy to withdraw from the scabbard.

Match this Large Full Scabbard with any character you wish to equip by securing the holder to your belt through the belt straps. One strap is longer than the other, so the scabbard will sit on the belt at a comfortable angle. Made from vegetable-tanned full-grain leather and a hardened leather tip to prevent damage to your weapon, this weapon holder is built to keep its shape and withstand the abuse of a LARP with regular leather care.

This Full Scabbard is designed to be used by a right-handed player.

Historically made from a variety of materials, including leather, wood, and metal
Typically worn suspended from the belt or baldric
Protected the swords sharpened edge from becoming dull or accidentally harming the wearer

Alignment: Belt, Right hand side
Fittings: Split leather with iron buckle
Weight: 575 gram / 20,28 oz
Length cm: 87,00
Width across: 9,00
Treatment: Vegetable-tanned
Material: Full-grain leather

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